Inspection And Early Detection of Mold

Early Detection Is Key To Preventing Toxic Mold

Water, mold and infestation damage in Arizona can cause thousands of dollars worth of needed repair to homes, including drying out and restoring carpet, drywall, doors and woodwork. Water damage may also cause structural damage to a building’s foundation, including sinking, cracking and shifting of concrete. The foundation of a building supports the entire structure, making water damage restoration to that area very important. Proper home inspection of the foundation and structural elements helps ensure any issues are caught before catastrophic failure and the building remains structurally sound.

Water damage can also cause lasting health issues, such as mold, that impact the safety of the building’s inhabitants. Properly identifying and remediating mold is important to continue the safety of a building after it sustains water damage. Mold is a toxin which, if left untreated, can cause neurological disorders and breathing issues.

Water damage can happen any time of the day or night. Whether a nasty Arizona monsoon caused flooding in your home, or a bursting pipe left your living room flooded, early detection of the extent of damage by a Arizona home inspector can ensure the proper insurance claims are made and the opportunity for further damage is deterred.

Once an inspector has determined the extent of the damage and collaborated with contractors on the best course of action, it’s very important that the water damage restoration and damage repair on your home or commercial structure is thorough and complete. Mold is sometimes difficult to detect because it may grow in hidden places, such as behind wallpaper or inside wall cavities. Experienced and licensed mold specialists will test your home’s air using special equipment designed to detect mold spores.

Sometimes, residents don’t realize their homes have mold until family members begin experiencing health problems. There are mold killing agents commercially available that can be used to clean all of the surfaces affected and in the area of the reconstruction. Air born mold spores can travel inside the home and through air ducts to affect areas away from the original damage.

When a building experiences water damage, home inspection specialists in Arizona are the first to call, in addition to the dry-out contractor who can quickly remove any humidity from the air with special equipment. You can expect that affected ceiling tiles, pieces of drywall, damaged windows and carpet will be thrown out and replaced.

Water damage is especially insidious because water can infiltrate just about any space. The area behind your wall needs to be dried out to prevent mold from growing.  Water damage or moisture that goes undetected can continue to damage your home, necessitating further damage repair later on. Water damage restoration must be very thorough to address all the areas of concern and ensure that damage repair is complete so your family can live safely inside your home again.

Mold testing can reveal if your home has a problem resulting from water damage. If your home does have a mold issue, remediation specialists can remove the mold and conduct water damage restoration to make your home a healthy place to live again.